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Windows on the Brain

Lighting can improve mood, but the primary aim of Cleveland Clinic Nevada is to improve diagnosis and treatment of disease. To that end, our state-of-the-art, Frank Gehry-designed facility houses the latest neuroimaging technologies. For example:

3 Tesla MRI: You can’t treat what you can’t see. Sophisticated neuroimaging tools allow physicians to pinpoint degenerative brain disorders, bring new precision to clinical trials and advance understanding of brain function.

Numerous gifts can add up to make a large impact. Collectively, generous donors contributed more than $2 million to help Cleveland Clinic Nevada upgrade its imaging capabilities. We invited these philanthropists to see the new machine in action and to thank them for supporting science in the service of excellent patient care. Interested in touring and finding a match with your interests? Contact our philanthropy team.

PET: Positive emission tomography (PET) is a potent weapon for observing metabolic processes in the body. We are at the forefront of experimental PET imaging to screen for the presence of tau proteins, found not only in the brains of Alzheimer’s disease patients but also in athletes after repeated head trauma. PET is approved for clinical use to screen for amyloid plaques, the characteristic brain changes of Alzheimer’s disease.

Beyond Brains

Twisted a Knee? Wrenched a Shoulder? 

At Cleveland Clinic Nevada, our imaging services aren’t just for brains (though we do have some of the brightest minds in the field interpreting our images). We can image nearly all parts of the body.

Whole Body Imaging

The head-to-thigh MRI scan provides an overall snapshot of one’s general health, and may detect cancers in the earliest stages of formation, physical abnormalities, inflammation or obstructions. This exam is useful for individuals who aren’t experiencing any health complaints, yet seek the peace of mind that a noninvasive overview of their current health can provide.

Images are backed by the full resources of Cleveland Clinic’s Imaging Institute, which is staffed by board-certified subspecialty radiologists.

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